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We, Insurance Tracer, will assign your quote request to  the best insurance agent of each insurer so that you can get the best insurance coverages with the lowest prices. Statistically, with our model, you might save up to 30% compare with your current premium

We, Insurance Tracer, are not Inusrance Lead Generator. We are an insurance service coordinator.

Our Features:

  • Assign your quote requests to only one agent per insurer to avoid competing among agents in the same insurer. The agents in the same insurer have the same products with the same power of selling. To win over their competitive siblings, they will invasively call you right after they get your quote's information .
  • Because of no competition between siblings, only competing with other insurers, your assigned agent will devote their time to analyze  your insurance needs to find the best coverage with lowet price in their insurer’s product to win other insurer’s agents. With us, Insurance Tracers, registered agents work as risk managers not insurance sale-persons.
  • Only the agent who committed the deal with you pays for the quoting service to Insurance Tracer. With this model, most agents in different insurers willingly to register with us to get quote requests. More registered agents, more choices for you to get the best one of all