Conditions of use

Welcome to provides insurance coordinating services that are subjects to the following conditions.

To Insurance Agents.

  • All insurance agents who register membership with us,, have to provide valid insurance license number. And your account won’t be activated until we verified your license.
  • only collects quote distributing fee from agent after customer committed buying. won't chage agent for uncommmitted quotes
  • Whenever either a customer or agent confirms the deal committed, will collect quote distributing fee by subtracting the from agent account credit balance. If your, an agent, credit balancing less than zero, your account won’t receive any quote request assignment until you make deposit to your account  and keep its credit balance larger than or equal zero.
  • To protect  agents, won’t keep your credit card information on file for recurring charges. As an agent you have to self-manage your account’s credit balance by manually make deposits to your account's balance 
  • To protect customers, we,, initially collects minimal information from customers. For sequential communication between you, as agent, and customers by using messaging. All the messages are encrypted and you can only see the messages in's web page with login require.
  • We don’t provide any data export to agent to export the messages. Please be advised that, even include database administrators cannot decrypt the data to understand the messages. Please don’t contact and ask for your customer's messages. Even you have it. It is unreadable to you.
  • If you cancel your membership, your remain credit will be refund to you with 10% processing fee. Account activation fee is not refundable.

To insurance customers who are using to shop insurance products and services from insurers.

  • only assign your information to licensed agents who registered agents.
  • won’t send your information to registered agents, we just notify them via email, and they need to login to website to see your information.
  •’s registered agents will need to ask you more information. We suggest that you use messaging  to send your information to you r assigned agents so that all your sensitive information is encrypted.
  •  assign your quote request to only one (NOT more than one) agent per insurer.
  • All your information are saved in your system. As a customer, you can login and access your information at any time