How to became a member
  1. Register for agent membership
  2. Receive quotes.
  3. Only pay for the committed quote.

Dear Insurance Agents,
First of all we would like to emphasize you that we are not an insurance leads generator. We are an insurance coordinating online services.

Our service features:

  1. Agents need to register with us to be able to work on our customer's quote requests.
  2. Only one agent per insurer working on a customer's insurance request. For example we won’t let two agents from Allstate, working on the same our customer's requests. We don’t want registered agents compete with their siblings by attacking our customer with invasive phone calls.
  3. As a registered agent, you won’t pay until our customer satisfyingly and commit the deal with you.  We would like our registered agents work as a risk manager by  devoting time analyze our customer’s needs and come up with the best coverages with least price instead of rushing in calling our customers.
  4. After customers submit their quote request, we inform our customers who you are and you are working on their request and they are  expecting your messages and calls.
  5. All the messages between you and customer are encrypted to protected sensitive inforamtion. You should encourage your cusomter use our messaging channel to submit information to you instead of email. 

To register with us you needs to

  1. Click HERE to register
  2. After registering,  your agent account is in pending mode until we validate and approve your account unless your account is in pre-approved list then you account become active right after you register.

How our system works


We select agents to assign customer's requests base on

  1. Distance from customer
  2. Speak language or languages that customers want agents communicate with them
  3. Agent's customer service score that customers rated
  4. Average week history selling index, the more you sell, the higher chance you get more requests.


How other lead generators work: