Insurance Lead Generator

Insurance Lead Generators are online services that gathering insurance shopper’s information and sell as leads to insurance agents for profit.

Agents who buy leads from Lead generators will contact the shoppers to sell their insurance products.

Even all insurers nowaday have their own online quote service, insurance shoppers still want to use online Lead Generator’s services because they can have multiple quotes from different insurers and pick out the best among them. However,  Lead Generator model also has some disadvantages to insurance shoppers and insurance agents.


  • Customers get invasive calls from agents. Lead generators sell a lead to multiple agents, especially agents in the same insurer. Because insurance agents in the same insurer selling the same products with the same power of selling, they needs to compete with their siblings by calling customer as soon as possible. Because of rushing in selling, instead of devoting their time to come up with the best product for customer’s needs, agents focus more on how to get customers as soon as possible.
  • Agents have to pay for Lead Generator regardless they can commit the deal with customer not.  This is discourage agents to register with Lead Generator’s Services. Because of lacking agents from all insurers, customer’s quotes might not get the best from the insurers who have no agent registered with the Lead Generators.